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Do you need a professional presenter for your project? We're here to help!

We can film in a studio or outside, or even in your store. We work from your specifications, you don't need to be on set. But, if you want to see your project being brought to life you are more than welcome to drop by for a coffee. 

voice-over actor

At Imagee we even have our own voice-over actor who can skilfully present your product or project to a high standard. 


Our sister company 'Kat Siggers Presents . . .' is a channel that looks into the world of success and interviews people about what success looks like to them. 

If you book with our premium packages we will offer you a free ad slot on the podcast . . . we may even have you on as a guest!


Kat can even coach you to present your own video, or learn how to do the voice-overs like the professionals do. 

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